updated 12/04/21:

You will notice some changes that we've made to keep you safe;

  • Clear signage to encourage social distancing
  • We have added more space in higher footfall areas to allow for improved circulation 
  • There are new protocols in high-touch shopping areas such as Beauty and Shoes
  • Some of our services will remain closed.  These include our;
    • Restaurants* (CLOSED)
    • Some Customer Toilets (All Open)
    • Fitting Rooms (Open if they can be manned)
    • Some Beauty Services** (The Retreat, Brow Treatments only) (CLOSED)
  • Cashless till transactions with contactless till transactions up to £45
  • Returned merchandise will be put on hold for a period of 72 hours before it is put back onto the sales floor
  • Limiting the use of our customer lifts to individuals or small household groups who cannot for health reasons use the escalators or stairs (Open)

The following are now open/closed:

  • Chapters on Lower Ground Floor will be open for takeaway services only.
  • The Pantry is now open on the 3rd Floor (TEMPORARILY CLOSED) 
  • The Exchange on Lower Ground on Fridays and Saturdays (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
  • The Nail Spa is now OPEN. To book an appointment please call 01603 697 132 or alternatively BOOK ONLINE HERE