How do we register for a wedding gift list?

Please call 01603 660661 to register your interest or email Emma Covey on

You will be asked to visit us in store on a convenient date so we can go over your needs and to fill in the registration form.

However this can be done over the phone or via email.


Do we pay a fee for the wedding list set up?

No, it’s a free service.


What if we have a gift list elsewhere?

You can still register with us and receive all the same benefits.


Do I need to have a sit down meeting?

No, It can be done via email and phone call.


How do I add gifts to my list?

This can be done in 3 ways;

  1. In person.  Enjoy a When adding gifts to your list you can email in a list or call us as we have to manually add them to the system so that your guests will be able to view the gift list via you’re your online registry. A list is also provided for you to fill in and return to Customer Services as well.


Can you set up a personalised link to my wedding list?

No, the list which you will be able to see will be the same one your guests will see. 

Once you have entered both last names and logged in you can view the list online. Any adjustments or changes can only be made instore or by contacting Emma Covey on


How many gifts can I add to my list?

We don't have a limit to the amount of items a couple wishes to add to there list.


What range of gifts do you offer?

We have a wide range of gifts in store. Ranging from housewares, Linens, Furniture, Delicatessen as well as gift cards. 


Do I need to come in store to complete my list?

Some couples prefer to come in store and peruse but you can go online and email your choices.


How do our guests find access to our list?

Your guests would need to go to 

Follow the link and add the last names of each couple. You will then be able to see the list of gifts and purchase from there.


How will we know if a gift is purchased?

If a gift has been purchased it will no longer be available to buy from your list and will automatically be removed.


When will my list close?

Your gift list will be removed one week after your wedding date.


Do you offer gift wrapping?.

Yes, we offer gift wrapping as a complimentary service.


How do we arrange delivery?

Delivery is organised by Emma who will liaise with our warehouse team and come to a mutual delivery time with the customer.


What happens if a gift is delivered damaged or faulty?

We will be happy to replace the item as long as we still stock the goods. If we no longer stock the goods and they were end of line, we will either offer an alternative or the value of the item can be put onto a gift card.